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Be aware of sand slide

The colorful sand dunes of Phan Thiet created a remarkable attraction to visitors and tourists. Visit Doi Cat Bay (flying sand dune) (near Hon Rom beach), you may “conquer” the height of the dune, take beautiful photos, go sightseeing and of course, try sand slide. This new kind of games has attracted many tourists to play. But in the recent time, this has been rejected and reported by many players.

Sand slide = money

In the previous time, you just need to pay for a board to slide down with the price about 10,000 dong per hour from the local boys (they are always there). They will also support you in choosing starting point, creating the sliding way (you can’t slide down everywhere – the good way will be wet, slope. And moreover, you must make a way to slide down.) and pushing you down.
However, in the recent time, this game may cost some extra fees.

If the part of choosing starting point, creating way and pushing you down is considered as a preferential of the lease (you may give them some more money), it is different now. When you just finish you slide in exciting (and assumption of the push they gave you is free), the local boys will appear and ask for money. “Please give me some money, I help you slide down...” – “I have paid money to the boy up there?” – “But I don’t know him”. And right after you take out your pocket, many other boys will appear...

Sand Slide = Bye Bye cellphone

Some visitors still keep their cell phone in their pocket (usually their short pockets). Making use of that, some boys are very enthusiastic to push you down, but when you loose your concentration and your phone fell out. It would be nothing if you notice that and put it back into your pocket. But if not, that cellphone may be “temporary” cover by sand. And after that, you know what will happen.


How to solve these problems? We have to count on the government of Binh Thuan provinc although there are some people called the security at the dune. I can only give you some suggestion for the above problems.

-         -When you hire a board, make a certain deal with the boys about how much you will pay for each service. If you go with your friends, just hire the boards. The rest of things may be done well by you and your friends.

-        - When you sliding down, leave your phone, wallet, personal stuff to your friends who are not playing. Or set one person in charge of keeping things.

   - If you lost your phone or money, you should report immediately to the security department. They may find the phone for you, but it will cost a little.



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