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Interesting experience in Phan Thiet

 With all year round sunshine and beautiful sightseeing, Phan Thiet is always attractive to tourists every summer.  There is a lot interesting experience that you must have at Phan Thiet (Binh Thuan) 

1. Explore by motorbike

With expansive sand dunes, poetic, clear blue water beaches and beautiful fishing villages in the sunset, Phan Thiet is ideal for visitors to explore by motorbikes. Only took 200,000 dong for one motorbike per day, you can explore any corner of the city.

2. Sand Slide

Located in Mui Ne Ward, the “flying” dune has been always attractive to visitors. Whenever the wind blows strongly, the shape of the dune and its color changes and creates a beautiful landscape of yellow, white, gray and red. Here, you just need a board to experience the fascinating adventure of sliding down from the top of the dune. Then, you may find your relax moments inside excited screams and laughs..

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3.Watching the sunrise and sunset

How wonderful it is, seeing the sunrise or sunset at the dune during a windy day in a tranquil space. In the sound of flute kites and the whisper of the sea, you may find yourself relaxing with no more sorrows in a slow paced life.

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4.Immerse in tranquil beach

There are many beaches in Phan Thiet that you can immerse in. But the best of the best will be finding a tranquil beach to freely enjoy the immense blue of sea, sky and do whatever you want.

5. Kite surfing

Phan Thiet has long and windy seashore, which is an ideal place for sports, especially, kite surfing. With professional kite and supporting team, visitor will enjoy every fantastic moment of wave riding.

6. Visit Bàu Trắng, Bàu Sen

When coming to Phan Thiet, you must visit Bàu Trắng, Bàu Sen. These are two fresh water lakes located in the middle of the white dunes – about 60 km from Phan Thiet. When it comes to lotus blooming season, the whole area is fulfilled with beautiful colors from flowers and sand. You can hire a boat, pick flowers, go fishing, enjoy the sunset and feel the romance of spacious lake in white dunes.


7. Early morning fish market

Exploring the life of fishermen at seashore fishing villages may become your remarkable memories. Every morning, boats returned from their night fishing and sells fresh, stunning seafood to locals and visitors. You may visit those special fish markets at the Mui Ne Market or Lang Chai (the fishing villages).

8. Capture beautiful moments

Create your own moments or capture beautiful landscape of small fishing villages, the sunrise, sunset on the sea, the rocks and white dunes..

9. Fairy Stream Exploring

To some visitors, Suoi Tien may be a new tourist destination. However, the wildly beautiful landscape of this spring may take your breaths. A picturesque landscape created bythe orange-red waterdyed from color of the sand and limestone surrounding.

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