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What to wear ?

Do you know what kind of clothes to bring along this sunny summer seaside vacation?

Summer is coming along with vacation time. Your where-to-go list for this summer must be filled with some beaches, isn’t it? How wonderful it is to leave all worries to run on the beach or wander on the seashore in your most colorful and youthful clothes.If you are about to go, please check on the following list. We are sure that this would make your vacation more lively. .

1.Light and soft
Remember: when you go to the beach, there will be layers of sunscreen, moisturizer and sweat on your skin. Therefore, you should not choose too thick or too hard clothes. Or else, you will become a robot on the beach or worse, feel uncomfortable in your own clothes. In this case, you should choose soft ones made from light and moisture-wicking fabric. Those clothes will make you cooler, more comfortable and easier to combine with swimsuits or sandals, flats and a bag for a street style outfit

2. Swimsuits & sunglasses – Never too many

The point is: it’s not taken too much space, why not pack many of them? Moreover, this is a seaside vacation, so most of your time would be at the beach. More swimsuits and sunglasses will make you always refreshed and attractive when basking or playing in the water.

3.Too colorful? Never mind

Flowery or tropical patterns, transparency, boho tote orstudded bags are designed for a beach vacation. They make you feel free, colorful and lively for every activity. Moreover, this is a vacation! Don’t put yourself in your daily code of colors and patterns. Be colorful, be special, so that not only others, but you can feel the happiness of this vacation.

4.Bring a lot of sunscreen and remember to wear your hat

Sunshine does not only make sun tanning, but also bring along many serious dermatology diseases to your skin. Don’t let yourself become a victim so easy like that. You must make thoughtful research to understand and find the best kind of sunscreen for yourself. Then, make sure that you have put them on your skin every 1 or 2 hours at the beach. Besides, don’t forget to wear a hat to cover your face. In this case, a wide-brimmed hat would be a perfect solution.

5. Plats or flip flop

Will you go to the beach with a pair of high heels? Never do that, or you make yourself a fool. Let’s choose plats. They are comfortable, easier to move, put on and off. Last but not least, no one cares how much you are attractive when wearing high heels at the beach. What hit them would be how lively and brilliant you are. And of course, to have those things you just need to review the above points of view.


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