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Experience in Phan Thiet

You may feel like you already got lost in the jungle of information and don’t know how to filter them to have useful ones like what to eat in Phan Thiet? What are Phan Thiet’s special dishes? The following article will help you.

1.When to go to Phan Thiet?

Usually, you can visit Southern Vietnam’s seaside cities every season. But, if you want to go to Binh Thuan – Ninh Thuan, you should avoid July and August. Because that is seaweed season, which make the sea not very clear and blue. June will be the best choice for your wonderful vacation.

2.How to go to Phan Thiết – Mũi Né

There are two kinds of transportation: coach or train. Each of them will bring you its own convenience. The coach will go directly to your resort at Mui Ne. If you leave from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or Hanoi and want to bring along your motorbike, the train would be the best solution.

3.Where to go to in Phan Thiet ?

If you come to Phan Thiet, you must visit Mui Ne for at least a night. Place to visit in Mui Ne (25 km from the city)

• Swim and enjoy the fresh air in Mui Ne.

• Suoi Tien (there is a spring going along with Cat Cao dunes. One side is sand dunes,the other is coconut range – the landscape looks like the savanna in USA).

• Doi Cat Do (Red sand dune) (5-6 km from Mui Ne)

• Đồi Cát Trắng (White sand dune) (more than 25 km from Mui Ne. You can go there by motorbike or Jeep).

• Hon Rom beach

• Poshanu Cham Tower HAM THUAN NAM DISTRICT (about 30 km from Phan Thiet city)

• Thay Thim Palace and Thay Thim Beach

• Ke Ga Cape and Ke Ga lighthouse

• TaKu Mountain and TaKu Pagoda – Linh Son Truong Tho (the sacred mountain of longevity) (you may go by aerial tramway). AROUND PHAN THIET CITY You may go around and bathe inside the city. Some other tourist attractions in Phan Thiet City area

• The Duc Thanh School where Uncle Ho has taught.

• Ca Ty River

• Van Thuy Tu where has the biggest whale skeleton in Vietnam

• Chua Ong the most sacred pagoda in Phan Thiet City

• Doi Duong Beach which is located in the central pak

4.Resort and hotel in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

Sleeping tent in Muine Phan Thiet

When I was there, I stayed in resort Phu Hai (Mui Ne). At that time, the price was cheap because they had just opened and not fully equipped. Nearby the resort was a common restaurant which was very delicious (according to me). You may rent a motorbike there, too. Unfortunately, I don’t have the address of that restaurant. However, you may try the following hotels. If you love the feeling of freedom and adventure or just want to reduce the cost. You may consider the sleeping tent at Phan Thiet. But, you must remember to ask about the security of that place. You should stay in Hon Rom and Ke Ga. The resorts have sleeping tent service are listed below. . 

Phan Thiet City and Mui Ne

In Phan Thiet City and Mui Ne, there are plenty of hotels with a large range of price depended on the needs of visitors. The price goes from 250.000 to 350.000 VND per night. In case you stay in Phan Thiet, you should choose the hotels located onTran Hung Dao Street (near Coopmart supermarket), Le Loi Street (by the beach), Tuyen Quang Street (next to the restaurant area) 

Ham Thuan Nam District (near Taku mountaint and Ke Ga lighthouse )

This area is far from the city. You should stay here if you wish to visit Ke Ga lighthouse or Taku mountain where has the famous The Reclining Buddha. 

Bus to Ke Ga lighthouse

The distance from Phan Thiet city to Ke Ga is about 30 km (19 miles).There is roadway from Phan Thiet city to Ke Ga, included Bus No. 6 (Phan Thiet city – Tan Hai – Lagi). From Lagi to Phan Thiet. If you wish to catch a coach, the first station isPhan Thiet Coopmart supermarket. It’s very easy to recognize Ke Ga because there is a small market at the junction. You may request the coach staff to remind you when to get there. There are many beautiful resort along the way. From the station, it’s about 50 m to the boat rental service (Mr. Bay) and 500 m to the lighthouse

5.Motobike renting

Almost all hotels and resorts in Phan Thiet hasmotorbike rental service. If the hotel doesn’t have available motorbikes, their receptionists will rent one for you. You may also consider bringing your motorbike along with you when going by train from Ho Chi Minh City. If your trip lasts for 3 or 4 days, you should bring your own bike. Because that will make you cost lower for transportation. In that case, you should buy a return ticket since the space for bikes is limited and not available all the time.

6.Entertaintment and Shopping

  • • At Phan Thiet city, you may entertain by going to cinema or playing game at Phan Thiet Lotte Mart to watch famous movie or buy necessary things.
    • If you want to buy a fine souvenir or clothes, you may visit Thoi Trang Viet fashion shop which located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, near Nam Thanh Lau restaurant.
    • If you stay at Mui Ne, you may entertain by Jet Ski Cano service. This service is available at most resorts with the average price about 200.000 VND for a trip.
    • Beside tourist attractions, Phan Thiet also famous for delicious coffee shops. You may note the following shops as below (you just need to name it, the taxi driver will take you there).
    • Linh Lan Coffee: suitable for people who have matured attitude, those who love nature and fresh air.
    • Icon Coffee: suitable for the youth with view over the new urban area
    • Pho Da Coffee: suitable for middle age, the space is tranquil with Trinh Cong Son music and live music (only on Friday). Milano: for youth only, with wooden chairs and space for chit chatting

    7.What to eat ?

    If you want to eat seafood, there no finer place than the early morning beach where you can buy fresh and stunning seafood from night fishermen. This would be far better than ordering seafood in the restaurant. Specials in Phan Thiet include: one-sun-dried squid (fresh squids are exposed to the sun for only one day), pitaya, fish sauce,milk green rice flakes (there are two kinds, one for locals and another for visitors), seafood (at Mui Ne resorts). And many other things, how can we try all of them? What are the special ones? I will show you things that you must not miss in Phan Thiet.

    • Banh Can Phan Thiet (a kind of baked cake made from rice and egg): try and you will see how it is different from “banh can” Phan Rang that you ate in Saigon.
    • Sizzling cake Phan Thiet: not the kind of food that sells in An La Ghien restaurant series or banh xeo chao (a kind of sizzling cake made in a pan, it’s platand butnot really look like pancakes or crepes); Phan Thiet sizzling cake is quite different in the way it is eaten.
    • Rice paper with shrimp sauce: this is the truly specialty of Phan Thiet, if you come to Phan Thiet, make sure you won’t miss this dish.
    • Steamed or Grilled squid teeth: the teeth and eyes of squids are edible. This is a flavorful snack that really worth to taste once you come to Phan Thiet.
    • Banh Canh (some people calls this Vietnamese udon) with grilled fish: this is really delicious. Especially, you may try this dish with some bread.


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