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Travelling around many beautiful beaches in Binh Thuan by motobike, such as Doi Duong beach, Mui Ne beach, the Hang pagoda and many other pristine beaches in Phu Quy, I got familiar with the boxfish, one of the most famous dishes in the Southern area in Binh Thuan (Ham Thuan Nam).

ca bo hom nuong phan thiet

However, I just tried the grilled boxfish that was made from the frozen ones. There are many stores on Vo Thi Sau street, along side of Ca Ty River, which serve the boxfish, but I have never had a chance to enjoy the fresh boxfish. Luckily, this time in Lagi did I know how wonderful the fresh boxfish is.

ca bo hom nuong phan thiet

Those who saw the boxfish must be very excited because of its name which was called by the local people base on its look. A local fisherman said that the boxfish got that name simply because its head looks like the head of a cow and its body looks like a box. It is true that the boxfish has a funny look because of its rigid skeleton under the black speckle skin that makes it move only with its short tail together with the tiny fins on both side and another strange fin on its back.

ca bo hom nuong phan thiet

It is known by all of the gourmets that the boxfish belongs to the family of the pufferfish. The boxfish has white flesh which is chewy like chicken and specially, it doesn’t smell like fish. The grilled boxfish was certainly on the top of the order that day when we were at the Doi Duong- Lagi beach, which is near the Ham Thuan Nam beach (the southern beach in Binh Thuan). After we finished ordering, the store owner went to the market to prepare for the dishes in order to buy the fresh fish. 

ca bo hom nuong phan thiet

The burning coal stove was ready to be laid on the table near the beach. All of us like to enjoy the boxfish in an original way like the fishermen here. Therefore, we just washed the fish carefully and then grilled it on the stove without adding any more ingredients. While quickly flipping the back of the fish down on the brazier, the store owner explained that the back of the boxfish needed carefully grilling because most of its flesh was there. It was fantastic that the breeze from the spacious beach helped the scent of grilled boxfish spread out.

Let’s travel to Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan to have a chance to enjoy this wonderful dish.

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