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Sweet potato stew

This is another daily food as other kind of xoi (a Vietnamese dish made from glutinous rice and other ingredients). Sweet potato stew is orvious in many Phan Thiet –Binh Thuan people’s mind. Because it’s delicious and cheap.

khoai lang ham phan thiet006

It’s delicious, sticky and easy to eat  !

khoai lang ham phan thiet007

The special thing of this dish is that you will use bamboo spoon, not inox or plastic ones  :)

khoai lang ham phan thiet004

Enjoy sweet potato steew wrapped in banana leaves and eating by bamboo spoon is the most suitable way to enjoy

khoai lang ham phan thiet003


khoai lang ham phan thiet002

The sweet and delicious of sweet potota stews + the fat of the coconut = a strange sweetness. 

khoai lang ham phan thiet009

Xoi and sweet potato stew is sold in the moring along side of the streets

khoai lang ham phan thiet008

There is not only sweet potato stew but also xoi and steamed corn

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