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Xoi vo banh chien Phan Thiet

 Every where in Vietnam has xoi vo, but only Phan Thiet locals eat that with banh chien (a kind of fried cakes).

xoi vo phan thiet010

xoi vo phan thiet009

The cake is splited and filled with xoi.

xoi vo phan thiet007

If you don’t want to eat the cake, you may eat xoi only. Xoi vo will be wraped and sold in a green banana leave.

xoi vo phan thiet001

The way to eat is relly simple. You just need to hold it in your hands..

xoi vo phan thiet003

....squeeze it ......

xoi vo phan thiet002

Until it looks like this 

xoi vo phan thiet008

Then, you may use your hand to split and eat or use the coconut spoon that the vender gave you.

xoi vo phan thiet004

Coconut or bamboo spoon is usually in xoi in Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan 

xoi vo phan thiet011

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