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Grilled fish ball

No one knows where this dish comes from, but it has been in Phan Thiet for the recent 4 or 5 years. Children and students love this dish. May be because it’s easy to make and eat. Although it’s simple, this have sotisphicated flavor and very delicious. So you will be surprised with this dish.

cha nuong phan thiet002

  This dish is sold at the food courts that sells banh trang mam ruoc

cha nuong phan thiet009

The way to cook is grill .....

cha nuong phan thiet008

The very important addional ingredient is pickles:)

cha nuong phan thiet003


cha nuong phan thiet006

 To eat, you take a piece of cha, dip it in the salt, take some pickles, then enjoy the flavors :))))

cha nuong phan thiet005


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