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Train to Phan Thiet

A mean of transportation usually choose by tourists is train. Going by train make sure you will be safe and able to sightsee the beauty along the way. With the journey from Saigon to Phan Thiet and vice versa, you may have the following trains: SPT1,2 and PT3,4.

1.Buying ticket:

 If you have decided when to go, you should buy your ticket early. This may not only help you avoid the problem of ticket sold out but also help you to reduce your cost. In train SPT, there is also a compartment called Golden Train (normally called VIP compartment) which is designed with big seats, and the clean environment (just like the 5 stars train to Nha Trang). You may find more information at the article:

How to go to Phan Thiet.

Notes: if you go on holiday or national occasions/ festivals, you must by ticket 1 month before or may earlier. And make sure that you always buy return ticket.

2. Seats:

There are many kind of seats on SPT (they are also “class” of the compartments), included: hard, hard with air conditioner, solf with air conditioner, etc. Each kind of seat will have equivalent price. The hard ones are cheaper than the solf ones and bed but it will also cause backache

3. Food:

- Food in the train: cold (they have to freeze it to preserve) and not delicious ones. The seats are not very comfortable for eating. To have more options, you should move to buffet car (usually the last compartment) to have your meals.
-Bring your own food: you should bring some food along with you. Especially when the distance is not too far from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet, bringing food is a good idea. Besides, this will help reduce cost for the food in train is twice more expensive than outside.

4. Luggage:

You should bring lightweight luggage. It will help you easier on moving and managing your stuff in the train. You should put your luggage near your seat. Daily or personal stuff should be kept in a specific pocket/ bag for convenient. Always keep things as tissues, toothpaste, iPad close to you.

Notes: If you buy ticket for place in two tiers compartment, the space for luggage is limited (only enough for a small suitcase). So, make sure you have asked the ticket officer where your seat located.

5. Try to move

Although traveling by train is more comfortable than car, you may not avoid the feeling of tired for sitting too long. You should move around or practice some stretching exercises at your seat. You may also spend time to the buffet car for foods and chatting. May be you will find some new friends there.

6. Toilet

Each compartment has only one toilet. And it may come moments when the users are more than capacity. Therefore, you should always bring along dry or wet tissues.

Notes: when the train stops at the station, all toilet doors and the water system in the train will be locked. Make sure you are not in the toilet when they announce station approaching.

7. Contact:

If there are any kinds of troubles on services or emergency, you should contact to the compartment manager (each compartment has one) or any one in the train staff.

8. Some notes 

If you bring your motorbikes with you, the gasoline will be taken out for safety (prevent threats of burning and explosion). Therefore, you should keep a small portion enough to get to the station. On the other hand, bring along with you the same portion in a small bottle (just a small one for safety) so when you come to Phan Thiet, you may have enough gasoline to ride to the nearest gas station. Besides, I have just known that Phan Thiet station now has gasoline service inside the station.

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