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The seafood in Phan Thiet

 From Duc Thanh bridge, you can see Con Cha seagate and through houses you can feel the smell of fish sauce or steamed fish in every seasons. Therefore PhanThiet’s girls always have special voice wherever they go…After hard-working days, tourists can walk on the beach, enjoy the waves or high sand dunes. They can also taste many kinds of fresh seafood just only in PhanThiet.

The fresh squids are just taken from punt and cooked in steamer. After that people cut and use delicious squids with fish sauce. Many local tourists who went on a pilgrimage to Ta Cu mountain, Thay Thim palace, Hon Ba isle suddenly addicted to Ham Tan seafood so that they forgot the pagodas. It’s a truly seafood place. There are many chairs under the coconut leaves roofs. There’s also a coastal market  with many kinds of seafood like fried squids, crabs, …The price is not really expensive so you can rent a steamer, gas stove..and cook a generous meal by yourself. Many managerments who work in hotel service in Ham Thuan Nam feel sad when they see local men take a lot of things with them and have naps under the coconut trees because the demand for luxury resort would go down. However that “cheap seafood” takes important role in expensive hotels for example: Switzerland village, Bon Bien restaurant, Pandanus, Seahourse…

The cool winds in the evening makes you want to walk along the riverside to drop by food stores on Con Cha embankment and taste steamed snails with ginger,laksa leaves, fish sauce or oysters soup that’s very delicious, nutritious .The strange food for example: grilled squids, snails mixtures..are also impressive while the prices are not really expensive because most of the owners are used to be fishermen. The famous food like snails mixtures, steamed snails..have fresh material from the local men so that they’re still keep their feature smell. In PhanThiet you also see little women with the burdens on their shoulders. They sell flour cake ( made of flour and small shrimps) on the high sand dunes. It’s just 2000 vnđ for one bowl of flour cake. The fresh shrimps still keep their natural color that’s the real one so that women don’t need to use faked color like the way people do in another restaurants . This famous flour cake could be found on high sand dunes from nameless women or some small food stores in PhanThiet market: Mrs.Chin’s flour cake, Ms.My…If you visit the market you can also buy some fishball which are made of mackerel. Fishball is considered as a nice gift for friends or family.

PhanThiet is also famous for Westen food that appeared in Vietnam for many years. Mr. Le Van Duong – the chef cook of Bon Bien restaurant said:”I want to make the visitors feel full when they see the variety of seafood in the restaurant.Even though the meals have different origins,they must have the main feature of PhanThiet seafood when we cook them. It’s destination of a seafood land my friend”.


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