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Cau Ngu Festival

Pray for fishing festival have traditional culture and folk elements of Vietnamese fishing village. It’s celebrated both on the land and on the sea that combines many religious activities and impressive folk songs.The ceremony of Ong Sanh Thuy ( Saint) takes place at PhanThiet port and it’s about 2 hours. Pray for fishing is one kind of Vietnamese folk culture that appeared for long time in fishing villages. It’s ainheritance of ancient Cham kingdom.

In Vietnam and some countries in ASEAN, people pray for their Job’s saints who created and taught that job for example: the carpenters, the mason,..Above all farming and fishing have variety of religious activities that fascinate many people to join

Pray for fishing takes an important role in getting experience,inheriting the values of social connection. The ceremony of Nam Hai is the most important that shows the community spirit clearly. It the first one in the series of religious activities. Please have a look with some pictures below.



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