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Ke Ga Lighthouse

 Ke Ga lighthouse is in Thuận Qúy commune, Hàm Tân district and away from Phan Thiết about 30 kilometers to the North. Its name was originated from the fact that there is a lighthouse on a headland curving out to sea about 500 meters and having the shape of a chicken head. Not many people know the existence of Mũi Kê Gà lighthouse, a newly interesting stopping place in Phan Thiết. It is attracting more and more visitors who want to discover 1 special architectural work and to relax in a charming and poetic place. Lying on Kê Gà island, which is considered having the best beautiful sightseeing on Hàm Thuận Nam beach, Mũi Kê Gà lighthouse with a strong standing posture in the deep blue sky seems to affirm its position between the beauty of the sky and the sea. The bright green sea harmonizing with the blue sky, white long sandy banks, green weeping willows and white-pink granites, makes it a charming and peaceful place.

 hai dang ke ga
A French architect - Snavat designed and constructed this lighthouse in January 1897. It is made of stone, about 35 meters height. The height from the light to the sea surface is 65 meters. Its side is 3 meters and its top is 2.5 meters wide. The dense of wall from the bottom to the height of 6 meter is 1.6 meters. The higher it is, the thinner it is. The top of the lighthouse is the thinnest – only 1 meter.
hai dang ke ga
On the lighthouse, there is a big chimney about 2000W and the radius of the light may come up to 22 sea miles (about 40 kilometers) as a signal for boats to pass by.
 hai dang ke ga
mui ke ga ham tan005  
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The local people have compared it as a stone garden for a long period of time. Those stones have encroached to the sea and have the shape of a chicken head. That is the reason why it was named “Mũi Kê Gà”.
Although there are many resorts being built there, Mũi Kê Gà still maintains its originally natural beauty of the sea with the weeping willows and the granites. Going to Mũi Kê Gà, you shouldn’t miss the Mũi Điện which is about 500 meters away from the coach. The lighthouse on Mũi Điện was designed by a French architect – Chnavat. It is famous because of the fact that it is the highest and the most long-standing lighthouse in Southeast Asia. On the tower, the light bulb is 2000W, the radius of the light coming up to 22 sea miles (about 40km) as a signal for boats to pass by.
Some stones lying on each other create many big ones with eccentric appearance. The local people who guard the lighthouse are always willing to use the coracles to lead them to visit the lighthouse. When it is twilight, the local people will catch fishes and hold a market along the coach. Mũi Kê Gà is complemented as the strange place which can’t be missed.

A weekend trip with your family and relatives on Hàm Thuận Nam beach will not only help the visitors to relax, refresh your health on the white sandy beach but also give you a chance to discover the everlasting beauty during over 100 years of the Mũi Kê Gà lighthouse. 

In the dry season, you can wade across to the lighthouse yourself, but in the rainy season, you have to use the canoe. The transpostation using canoes is popular. The cost can fluctuatefrom 100 to 150 thousands dong per person for 2 turns.

Pictures: Nam Kha (Ocean Group), Minh Đức, Cttin80, BinhPT, Bien La – Vnphoto


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