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The Phan Thiet water tower

The Phan Thiet water tower is a unique architecture. It is situated in Phan Thiet park nearby Ca Ty river and can be seen from a long distance. The Phan Thiet water tower is considered to be the symbol of Phan Thiet.

 The Phan Thiet Water Tower was constructed in the end of 1928, and it was designed by Royal Highness Souphanouvong (1909-1995), former Chairman of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic; he was the chief architect of the Nha Trang Construction Department at that time.

The tower is 32 meters high, divided into 2 parts. The top (water tank) is in octagonal shape with 5 meters high, and the diameter is 9 meters. The bottom of the tower is the octagonal cylindrical architecture that is bigger at below, smaller at above with 22 meters high, and the diameter of the tower foot is 10 meters. The rooftop of the tower includes 3 levels of octagonal roofs by hook tiles. The tower was constructed by constructor Ung Du, but due to the draining economic crisis and the war, it was lasted from 1928 to 1934 to be completed and put into operation to provide water for the entire Phan Thiet urban. The Phan Thiet Water Tower is even more unique by the word “U.E.PT” (abbreviation of “Unise des Eaux de Phan Thiet”) surrounded the tower, and inserted by the porcelain bowl pieces followed the writing circle style, which always sparkling in the coastal sunshine from far away. Having been existing for more than 70 years, the Phan Thiet water tower still stands firmly, elegantly nearby the Ca Ty river and makes the city more beautiful.


The Phan Thiet water tower at night

thap nuoc phan thiet

 The ancient architecture has make an unique beauty for the symbol of the city

thap nuoc phan thiet

The Phan Thiet water tower nearby the Ca Ty river

thap nuoc phan thiet

 The Phan Thiet water tower is in the park, where is the play area of children

thap nuoc phan thiet

A historical view of the tower


The Phan Thiet water tower is the inspiration for many photographers and poets.

Another special feature is that at 7 am and 5 pm everyday, there is a siren emanating from the tower. It sounds like the whistle of aircraft during the wall. If it is the first time you have been to Phan Thiet, you must be surprised when hearing this sound.


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