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Hon Rom beach

Move on to Hom Rom, we temporarily say good bye to the beautiful Mui Ne with the charming of sand dune, the fresh cool wind and the bright shinny sun. Hom Rom is far from Mui Ne about 2 km. On the mountain in Hon Rom springing a kind of wild flower, in the summer it turns into yellow and smells like straw, so the name of Hom Rom comes from that.

Being with Hon Rom, tourists always have many places to be with their friends: the front beach is reserved for young people, or the one who wants to join the eventful atmosphere; and the back is reserved for the one, who loves the silence and the quiet of night. Relaxing on the beach, or soaking yourself, playing with the waves help you feel comfortable and completely break out of stress.

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Staying in Hon Rom, tourists will find themeselve among the beauty of nature. Hon Rom beach lies under the mountain. Its natural beauty, the blue sea, the golden sand dune are just like a summons to the tourists. The mountain Hon Rom is reflected in the sea, which is extremely passionated by the tourists. Come to Hon Rom, sit under the coconut trees and listen to the lullaby of the waves, stay awake whole night long, burn the camp fire, or follow a boat to fish squids, enjoy all these entertaining things which are awarded by our mother nature. 

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Hon Rom in the moon night, walking on the beach with your relation, enjoying the marvellous moon light, breathing the fresh air, watching a great amount of light of fishing-boats, and then you will make the most of this charming, fascinating sight of Hon Rom.

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Hon Rom at the sunset

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Different kinds of recreation activities in Hon Rom

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In Hon Rom there is a lot of delicious food. You can go to the retaurants or buy seafood and make it by yourself with mini gas cooker, nibble while watching fishing boats get to the open sea, and slowly hide from the horizon


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Grilled squids

bien hon rom phan thiet005

Grilled shellfishes

bien hon rom phan thiet004

Grilled seafood

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Although the tourists come to Hon Rom for many time, they still want to visit back for the magnificience and romance of Hon Rom.

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Hom Rom in the sunset

bien hon rom phan thiet002 

At the time of March, April and May, Hom Rom looks very beauiful, however in the August and December, it may be not clean because of the sponge. Hom Rom is also an interesting place with delicious and cheap seafood, suitable for a group of friends and people who have limited expense

 Photo : Ocean Group , Duy My (vnphoto)

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