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Ca Ty River

The Ca Ty River is the confluence of the Ta Da River and Mong River. It flows in the direction of southeast through Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province. The Ca Ty river still flows and has its high and low tide. Day by day, life on this river continue and the fishermen do their work on the sea.

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The Ca Ty river is becoming more beautiful - that is the feeling of people, who come back to Phan Thiet. Their feeling starts with the changes of this city: the wall-sea now has been built, replaced all the settled fishermen’s houses, making the space wider. Standing by the monument Tran Hung Dao, the tourists can see the life style of the local people along the river bank.

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Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh Museum and historic monument Duc Thanh School - where uncle Ho worked as a teacher is also located by the river side, marking this place with its own unique impression not only toward the local people, but also the tourists. 

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The Ca Ty river, no matter where we stand and look at, it aways has its natural beauty- a local photographer share his own view.

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The river lies at the city center, divided Phan Thiet into two river banks: commercial area on the southern bank and adminnistrative area on the northern. This place has three bridges, which combine with the sence in perfect harmony.

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Phan Thiet people love their river. The Ca Ty has its long-term age, associates with local people, who go through vicissitudes of life. This is not only the place protecting local people life, but also carrying out special local activities, such as breeding flower in water, Nghinh Ong festival, traditional boat race, leting off fireworks at Lunar New Year

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In addition, the historical occasion such as the 35th anniversary of Phan Thiet and the South of VietNam liberation and the river has been beautified with colorful light and flowers.

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In daily life, lots of people travel here to relax after a long day of working and studying; they usually go fishing and enjoy the atmosphere. The tourists come sit on the boat to put themselves on the relaxation and enjoy the beauty of Ca Ty.

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The Ca Ty river flows out to sea, as it always is. Its flow makes the local landscape unique and special. The local people and tourists, because of that, always return to Phan Thiet to contemplate this natural beauty.

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