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Dục Thanh school

Duc Thanh stands for “Giao duc thanh nien” ( The education for young generation ). It’s located in Phan Thiết city (Binh Thuan province) which Nguyen Ai Quoc-Ho Chi Minh used to work as a teacher in. Nguyen Trong Loi and Nguyen Quy Thanh, sons of famous poet Nguyen Thong who founded Duc Thanh high school to respond to Duy Tan movement initiated by Phan Chu Trinh, Tran Quy Cap and Huynh Thuc Khang.

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The high school was built in 1907 (the same year with Đong Kinh Nghia Thuc high school) because of the location - Thanh Đuc village (39 Trung Nhi street, Đuc Nghia ward, Phan Thiết city nowadays).

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n 1910, teacher Truong Gia Moi introduced Nguyen Tat Thanh to came Phan Thiet and worked at this school

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The school had about 60 students and 7 teachers of Chinese literature, France literature, physical education…Nguyen Tat Thanh touch junior class, mostly about national language and Chinese literature

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At that time, besides his work, he also spread the patriotism, the gratefulness with the ancestries. When he had free time or in the outdoor activities, he took his students to nice places in Phan Thiết city for example: Thuong Chanh beach, Thieng cave, Đuc Nghia communal house in the villagenhư bãi biển Thương Chánh, động làng Thiềng, đình làng Đức Nghĩa.

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In the February of 1911, Nguyen Tat Thanh left Duc Thanh high school and Phan Thiết to Sai Gon. Few years later, Mr. Nguyen Trong Loi passed away and Mr. Nguyen Quy Thanh moved to Sai Gon so that nobody took charge of this school. It was one of the main reasons to close Duc Thanh high school in 1912.

Teachers’s relaxing place in Duc Thanh school Phan Thiet Mui Ne Vietnam

Teachers’s relaxing place.....

The well in front of the Duc Thanh school Phan Thiet Mui Ne Vietnam

The well in front of the school ....

The small lotus lake in Duc Thanh school Phan Thiet Mui Ne Vietnam

The small lotus lake ....

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Address: 39 Trung Nhi street, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan

Ticket price: it’s free. If your group want to hire guides, please contact with the museum’s office.

Parking: Visitors can park motorbikes at the gate next to Duc Thanh high school.

It’s the cutural and historic site, please don’t make noise and be polite in the time you visit here.


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