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Đình Vạn Thủy Tú

Van Thuy Tu is the temple where worships the biggest whale’s bone in Viet Nam. It’s loacated at Ngu Ong street, Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city. Van Thuy Tu was built in “Nham Ngo”- the year of house (1762) with the main gate to the Eastern sea. The architecture of this temple is small and normal as the other ones in the Middle land of Viet Nam but there are many diffirent things inside it. The main altar in the center of Van Thuy Tu worshipping Nam Hai and Ngoc Lan saint; Thuy Long Thanh Phi’s queen is on the left; Thai Hieu saint’s is on the right. There is a Quan Thanh’s shrine next to the main altar

dinh van thuy tu001

Temple’s gate.

dinh van thuy tu002

The rooms to keep and preserve about 600 whale’s bones. They were the saints who always assist and save human on the beach. It’s fishers ‘s belief 

dinh van thuy tu003


There’re 600 whale’s bones in sight the temple. The very famous fisher man Mr.Nguyen Sau who is called Sau Veo. He has met at least 15 whale in his life

dinh van thuy tu004


dinh van thuy tu005

The real Whale tail bone  

dinh van thuy tu006


dinh van thuy tu007

dinh van thuy tu008


dinh van thuy tu009


dinh van thuy tu010


dinh van thuy tu011


dinh van thuy tu012


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dinh van thuy tu014


dinh van thuy tu015


dinh van thuy tu016


dinh van thuy tu017


dinh van thuy tu018


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 Address: Ngu Ong street, Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan
Ticket price: Children: 5000vnđ, Adult: 10.000vnđ. No fee for guiding if you go with group
: there’re local people’s parking bay which are opposite the Van Thuy Tu‘s gate. However visitors can go insight the campus if they drive motorbikes

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